How is it going to impact sport

How is it going to impact sport?
If we ban gambling, we will reduce the risk of match fixing and corruption in sport.
We are at a time where sport seems to be awash with corruption. We’ve known about chronic match fixing in cricket for many years now. Boxing is an ill-concealed joke. Can you name a sport untainted by drugs or corruption? Only the ones where there’s no money. I like watching sport. One of the best days of cricket I’ve seen was in 2010 when Australia played Pakistan at the SCG. Coming into the last day, you could get 40-1 odds on an Australian win – it was so certain that Pakistan would get the few runs it needed. But in a miraculous turnaround, the Australians bowled Pakistan out for not much and grabbed a famous victory. It was wonderful entertainment. And, I have reason to believe, it was fixed.
We will also reduce the risk of players receiving money, for “small tips” like the lineup or the condition of the pitch. This harmless information is in fact worth a lot to bookkeepers than you might think. Sport is not only a very important part of everyday life, but is also has many problems as a lot of people use sport as a very illegal way of earning money.