Homework should be band All over the world

Homework should be band

All over the world, people, children are getting forced into doing homework. “Homework is super helpful.” Said no kid ever. Yes homework may be helpful in some ways but too much of it and you’re gone. Spending hours on doing homework can take up excessive amounts of the Childs social, family, playing and fun life. Rather than spending time bonding with family and building up family relationships, parents and children tend to argue over homework. This is not beneficial for the family or the child and may increase family disharmony, therefore home work should be banned.
To begin with, children don’t have enough time to finish. For example many students have after-school activities that don’t end until a few hours ,students find themselves coming home later than usual .they come home ,have dinner and by then its 9pm. Children may have enough time but then it’s too late to even start. Even if the student got it done it would still be poor quality.

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To add on, homework is no help whatsoever to family bonding. E.g. parents spend more time arguing about homework than using that time to increase family bonding. Moreover, this time is particularly prelacies in families with two working parents whose time with their children is limited .this time could be better spent on going out to dinner or doing other family activities.

Furthermore ,