Hi Papa

Hi Papa ..sounds a basic 2 flat double sound Pa -Pa , every toddler learn to speak in initial days. For me this word is World to Me. I get emotional while writing this too and fro but yes this is the best day to tell you that how important you are to Me and I can thank million times to God to have you as my Father.

Mr Ashok Kalia is his name, a simple living – optimistic thinker is his mainframe,
A family person from the beginning from Putar/ Kaka of his parents , Paaji to his younger brothers , Shoki/Kalia to his friends, Suno to his wife and Darling Papa to his 2 daughters.

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He has similar looks to Shatrughan Sinha too ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Papa you are the first man of my life, a more like a friend with whom we can share each and every bit of what has happened at school, college and even at job & till date.

I am fond of you , we might not talk on phone every day , but yes a concern is there in my heart to be things all well at your end.You have got the best life partner to share life journey with you she always feel thankful and told so many stories about your genuine & kindness.

I can’t summarise all those moments shared but yes the ones which changed my life in a better way.

Though I was weak in Maths, but your constant guidance ; support made me never flunk in the this subject .From school functions, PTM, Annual day you were there with us . From choosing our field, college , job you are throughout supportive .

I still remember when I was about to get married you told me that I am getting married to a complete new family not just a guy and showed me some videos based on Relationship post marriage that held me everytime when I feel low.

Our Missed Call game is still on, when I reach office in the morning , I gave a buzz to him saying Hi Papa ..love you.

Just before my delivery days , for making me mentally strong that i need to undergo a natural process which God has made ; be prepared for it gave me lot of will power.

At every step you feel my sensitivity for people or environment , that never felt me unloved .

Papa for all love ; care …this thank you is very small but its just important to tell you that can’t imagine life without you. now I am a mother of a little girl can feel and understand your concern which you has for us and always …

Wishing you a very very happy birthday. You need to explore and travel more.. There is lot to come and follow your travel passion. Though retirement is close to 2 years from now , you will keep rocking I know as always .love you so much. You made your girls strong.