Harappan Civilization

Harappan Civilization :-
Harappan civilization was a Bronze Age civilization, mainly in the North-Western regions of South Asia, extending from today’s North-Eastern Afghanistan to Pakistan, and North-Western India. It was one of the oldest civilizations of the world.

Mesopotamian Civilization :-
The Mesopotamian civilization was a historical region situated within the Tigris-Euphrates river system, in today’s most of Iraq plus Kuwait, the Eastern part of Syria, South-Eastern Turkey, and regions along the Turkish-Syrian and Iran-Iraq borders. It was also one of the oldest civilizations of the world.

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Difference Between Harappan and Mesopotamian Civilization –

1) In Harappan civilization, the houses were built to the East of citadel while in Mesopotamian civilization, the houses were built around distinct palaces and temples & dedicated to the patron Gods or Goddesses.

2) Most of the Harappan people lived in small villages while most of the Mesopotamians lived in cities and towns.

3) The Harappans had walls built to protect their houses while the Mesopotamians had walls built to protect their cities and town.

4) The Harppan people were peaceful in comparison to the Mesopotamians.

5) The Harappans traded in cotton, beads, other art and jewellery while the Mesopotamians traded in precious stones.

6)The Hrappans grew melons, lettuce, and general fruits and vegetables that they ate while the Mesopotamians grew flex and used it for oil, net, cloth & food.

7) As far as the technology is concerned, the Harappans established exact measurement and weighing system while the Mesopotamians first created the wheel.

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