Furthermore, diseases such as HIV AIDS are spread through bodily fluids such as vaginal fluid, pre-seminal fluid, semen and breast milk. It can also be transmitted sexually without a condom or by sharing needles or injections with an individual who has HIV.
Tuberculosis often infects one individual to the other through the air vector. For instance, when an infected migrant speaks or sings, the bacteria is then transmitted into the air. When a healthy individual comes into contact with the bacteria, they would then be affected by
TB. Usually, Tuberculosis (TB) is not transmitted to locals due to limited contact. Within the community of migrants, TB is widespread. This then causes a large community of people to be affected by this disease. However, it not easy to kill the bacteria as how easy it would be to spread it. The TB bacteria die very slowly. Patients need to consume drugs for a longer period of time until all the bacteria have died.