Freedom or Security In this time of life

Freedom or Security
In this time of life, we both need freedom and security, but I do believe that Freedom is very important in my life because without it I wouldn’t be able to do many things. I wouldn’t want to live in a country where I’m told what I should become in life. That decision I’m glad that I’m able to make myself. To live my life however I choose too.
Freedom is very important to me because I don’t want to live in a country where freedom isn’t given to them. We are born with freedom, it is our natural right. Our first amendment freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of peaceful Assembly, and the freedom of religion. I truly believe think that this is important because that’s what America was made from. It is important to have freedom of speech because without it people would have to say what the government wants them to say. Being able to say what I want in a right way and for my voice to be heard is something that I wouldn’t want government to take away from me. Other countries don’t have that freedom they have to be very precaution what they do. They are in fear if they do or say something it can land them in prison or even death. Freedom of religion is very important because without that you could get kicked out of the country if you didn`t believe in what the government believes. In America I choose what I want to believe, I can be any religious I want to be and have my own belief. At any given moment I can stop being religious without worry that I’m going to get killed for not being religious. Freedom of the press means that you can write about anything you want and publish it giving my opinion on the circumstance in what going on in American and having people hear me out on the topic that I’m having an issue on. Freedom of the press is an idea for mass communication, it’s to get everyone involved and have them know what’s happening out in the world, where upon the people may form opinions and ideas. There are a lot of countries that don’t allow you to talk out about the government without being punished or killed. Freedom of assembly if we want to get together in a large group it is our right. To organize and to assemble with the aim of addressing issues of common concern is a human right. Freedom to making decision that wont is right in our belief and has long we don’t brake the law In any form of ways.
People everywhere dream of freedom. Teenager might think of freedom as a license to do whatever they want to do and there wouldn’t be any restrictions on them. Teenagers might think of freedom as being able to go to college all by themselves, carrying and showing off their expensive cars, mobile phones and skipping class lectures. Doing anything they want to do and making decision without having an approval form their parents. It can make a person independent, but it can also make a person get influenced by wrong company. Freedom to me is to be able to make decisions and choices independently, to be able to breathe freely.