Fourteen-year-old Lauren has always known she was adopted

Fourteen-year-old Lauren has always known she was adopted, but now, feeling out of place amongst her adoptive family, Lauren wants some answers about her birth mother.  With her parents unwilling to provide the details, or even to discuss the situation, she decides to take the matter into her own hands, with alarming results.  Lauren will stop at nothing to figure out why her adoption was seemingly shrouded in secrecy, and so, with the company of her childhood friend James ‘Jam’ Caldwell, she sets out to find some answers. Their search takes Lauren and Jam right around to world, to America, where they encounter treachery and deceit at every turn.  It soon emerges that Lauren’s parents are not the only ones who want to keep the details of her adoption secret, and the people who know all the answers will stop at nothing to keep them hidden. As Lauren endeavours to uncover the truth she soon realizes that fact is often stranger than fiction, and understands that sometimes you really should be careful what you wish for.