For example In a residential care home

For example
In a residential care home. Miss Agnes who goes to oaks care home, has dementia. She is visually impaired slightly but it is preferred for her to wear her glasses. She has a meeting with her career in her room to sort out her care plan but however Miss Agnes wants it in the garden which is next to their neighbors who are currently smoking. The weather has changed drastically as it is now really cold. In Oaks care home, Mrs Agnes is currently in the social room, unfortunately a service user had poured his tea and because the floor is still wet a staff has placed a Yellow wet floor cone which is also near the way towards miss Agnes room.

First off all, the service user would have to wear her glasses as it is important she does so for her safety for example she would not barge into objects or furniture as they could be known as potential hazard which could result to her falling down and slipping on the tea that was spilt. A career would have to assists Miss Agnes to her destination. The career would have to explain to Miss Agnes that the garden would not be a good idea as it is too cold, and the air is contaminated with smoke from the neighbours next door which could affect her health and concentration therefore it is better to have it in her room. As Miss Agnes has dementia it is right for the service user to help to get to her room as she might have forgot the way there.