For: Animals on their own could not have enough energy so they would be weak in the wild and be left on their own however zoos provide the best they can to conserve these animals against any harm or poachers even though people may say it is wrong to keep them in zoos the initial thought of a zoo was that people observe animals in exchange for money, but zoos have changed over time now that money is more to support better living for animals and not just to be rich take sanctuaries for example donkeys live much better lives because of them. Zoos promote awareness like illegal wildlife trade
Against: although animals are treated well in some zoos in other zoos its different story, small enclosures, animals not used to the weather, just overall suffering. For years animals have been paraded around while some animals fight back and the headlines are never “elephant fights back for justice “it is more like “crazy elephant goes mental”.doesnt that seem cruel animals raised just to go to the slaughterhouse