Foods play an important role in our life

Foods play an important role in our life, for they provide us a variety of vital vitamins and minerals. In the modern world food is not just a requirement for the body but is now bringing together people from all round the world. Yet with many varieties, food is a personal choice with various pros and cons in each choice.
Foods from restaurants or the ones from the supermarkets contain a lot of fats, sugar, salt and other unhealthy ingredients. By preparing meals at home, we can control over the quality of food and we can enjoy safe, nutritious foods when cooking at home. Cooking at home helps us avoid harmful substances like preservatives and moreover provides choices of fresh ingredients. Many restaurants and food manufacturers profit by using out-of-date ingredients and ignoring good hygiene principles which can be easily avoided in home by maintaining hygiene. Another benefit of home-cooked food is cost saving. It is obvious that we pay for the ingredients and some other uncostly additives when eating at home; meanwhile, we have to pay much more than that when eating out due to various taxes and other charges .Besides restaurants with good hygiene and ingredients are out of the reach of the common people .