Ferns are plants which are flowerless and seedless

Ferns are plants which are flowerless and seedless, and has the ability to duplicate themselves with spores. This plant belongs to Pteridophyta family member. They are unique vessels to aid their water circulation. There are ferns of which offer matching decorations for your garden with their feather-like leaves. This becomes a reason to why ferns become a number one favorite plan for a yard decoration. They also originate in a dense tropical rainforest. There are two types of Ferns of which are: Indoor Ferns and Outdoor Ferns. Under the Indoor Ferns, there are well known ferns such as the Staghorn Fern which has a unique feature of the leaves, Maidenhair Fern which usually grow ashore and has delicate fronds and branches like a waxy hand. Under the Outdoor Ferns, the Bird’s Nest Fern is an organic fern and it needs lots of air nutrients and rain dampness. The Cinnamon Ferns are rich in sterilized cinnamon-colored fronds and it has green leafy leaves. This study is still efficient in our time today because there are many parts of Malasag of which have been untouched and unused for many possible benefits. The researchers aim to attain the skill of being able to identify and classify different the ferns. This allows the researchers to attain their general goal of identifying the diversity of ferns in the specific area they will be studying in. There have not been many studies of which have been conducted in regards to the diversity of ferns in Malasag. With the idea that there have not been many studies in regards to this field, our research then becomes beneficial and relevant as it becomes a stepping stone to future researches.