Facts about the Great Pyramids of Giza As the name says the ‘great’ pyramids of Giza these pyramids were always of great significance to the Egyptian civilisation

Facts about the Great Pyramids of Giza
As the name says the ‘great’ pyramids of Giza these pyramids were always of great significance to the Egyptian civilisation. Here are some amazing facts about these pyramids –
1. It is the part of a pyramid complex consisting of 3 large pyramids namely – Khufu’s pyramid (the largest of them all), Khafre’s pyramid, Menkaure’s pyramid; The Sphinx(the body of a lion and face of a human believed to be of pharaoh Khafre), and 3 smaller pyramids including the tomb of queen Khentkaus I. It took about 20000-30000 skilled and unskilled labourers to build in around 23 years.
2. Khufu’s pyramid was the largest (592000 ft2 of total area) and tallest structure (481 feet) on earth for about 3800 years. It is believed that this structure could be seen from as far as mountains of Israel and as high as the moon.
3. Khufu’s pyramid is the only pyramid on earth to have slight concave indentations dividing every face in two equal halves that is actually 8 sides. This is only visible on a dusk or dawn on the equinox of spring and autumn from the sky.
4. The weight of Khufu’s pyramid is estimated to be at 5955000 tons made out of 2300000 stone blocks. When multiplied to 108 give an estimate of the Earth’s mass.
5. The pyramid is the most accurately aligned structure of the time and faces true north with only 3/60th of a degree of error. And it is built on the geographical centre of the Earth on specific lines of longitude and latitude.
6. About 4000 years ago, these pyramids were covered by casing stones (polished limestone) which made the pyramids shine like a jewel so powerfully that this would look like a shining star on the Earth from the moon. Thus the Egyptian name – ‘Ikhet’ that means glorious light.
7. The pyramids are precisely aligned to the stars of the constellation of Orion, which were considered to be gods by ancient Egyptians. This reference can be seen in the movie Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen.
8. Frederic Norden, a Danish explorer described a fourth main pyramid in his book – Travels in Egypt and Nubia in 1755 AD, which was supposedly darker than the other pyramids and mysteriously disappeared.
9. Through radar and sonar photography, secret passages and chambers were discovered; these are believed to reveal secrets of the ancient Egyptian civilisation and thus are heavily guarded by the Egyptian government.
10. The internal temperature of the pyramid is always a constant of 20 degree Celsius which amazingly is the Earth’s average temperature.
11. The height above the sea level of Khufu’s pyramid is 5449 inches. Surprisingly the height of the pyramid happens to be 5449 inches.
12. The Great Sphinx is still considered to be one of the largest stone statues in the world (241 feet long and 66 feet high) facing the rising sun in the east .
13. Although pyramids are known for hieroglyphics, surprisingly there are no hieroglyphics or writings inside the great pyramid of Giza.
14. It is believed that the pyramid once had a 20-ton swivel door, which could easily be opened from the inside but was undetectable from the outside.
15. Amazingly there was no mention of the great pyramids in ancient manuscripts and hieroglyphs for about 3000 years of its existence. This period is still left to be deciphered.