Facts about Bolivia 1

Facts about Bolivia
1. Plurinational State of Bolivia is the official name of Bolivia.
2. Bolivia is the country which is all surrounded by land.
3. La Paz is the administrative capital of Bolivia, people are very politicized and revolutionary.
4. The official and Judicial capital of Bolivia is Sucre.
5. Neighboring nations of Bolivia are Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, and Peru.
6. The inhabitants of Altiplano are a harsh people.
7. In the city of El Alto, next to La Paz, you can see the eerie picture of hung-up dolls hanging from the lampposts with a sign on their necks: “Ladron Pillado sera linchado” (The captured thief will be executed on the spot).
8. Bolivia is South America’s fifth largest country and 28th largest country in the world.
9. The first electrical power supply in South America was in La Paz.
10. in Bolivia slavery was abolished in 1831.
11. Between La Paz and the Los Yungas region is the most dangerous road in the world, it is called Road of Death.
12. The guinea pig is used and eaten as a traditional meat.
13. Bolivia is the only country in Latin America where there is no McDonald’s.
14. Bolivia got independence from Spain in 1825.
15. The world’s highest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca is located between the Peru and Bolivia.
16. There is a famous prison in Bolivia, where a prisoner can rent a room and can live with his family. Even tourists can visit the prison.
17. Silver mining was Bolivia’s largest industry.
18. In one of the oldest Bolivia silver mine had claimed 8 million people live in last 500 years.
19. One of the famous limestone cliffs of Bolivia has the world’s largest and diverse collection of 5,000 dinosaur footprints dating back 68 million years.
20. Simon Bolivar was the first official president of the country after independence.
21. There are 37 official languages- Spanish and other indigenous languages.
22. Bolivia is home to the world’s largest Salt Flat, it is 10,582 square kilometers in size.
23. The country got its name after the famous leader Simon Bolivar who led them to independence.
24. There’s even a hotel made up of completely salt.
25. Research says that Bolivia is most world’s most unfriendly country for tourists.
26. The main exporter of Brazilian Nuts is Bolivia.
27. Many houses in Bolivia have dried llama fetus thrown below the foundation. They believe that it brings luck.
28. The flag of Bolivia has 3 colors- red, yellow and green.
29. At one-time prison produced all the cocaine of Bolivia.
30. Bolivian Congress Building is in La Paz.
31. The major cash crop of Bolivia is soybeans.
32. There is a clock on the building of National Congress in the La Paz main square which runs anticlockwise. It inspired the citizens to think differently.
33. Bolivian celebrate festival called ‘Tinku’ where men fight for continuously 2-3 days and after the celebration is over everything goes to normal.
34. People die during the celebration of Tinku.
35. About 40% of animal and plant life is found in Bolivia and its rainforests.
36. The population of Bolivia is 10.89 million.
37. national sport in Bolivia is soccer.
38. Approximately 60% of Bolivian population is below 25 years.
39. Second largest lake in Bolivia is Lake Popoo and it’s not a freshwater lake.
40. The world ‘s largest butterfly century is in Bolivia.
41. Bolivia is the world’s third largest producer and exporter of coca leaf.
42. August 6th is the National Day of Bolivia.
43. Bolivia was not landlocked before but they lost a territory on the Pacific Ocean to Chile.
44. Bolivia military is always prepared to conquer its lost territory which they lost to Chile.
45. Around 800,000 tourists visit Bolivia every year.
46. 70% of the population of Bolivia is Roman Catholic.
47. Bolivia has lots of minerals but it is the poorest country in South America.
48. 30% of all roads in Bolivia are paved.
49. The life expectancy of Bolivia is 68 years.
50. Men are the breadwinner in Bolivia, no or rarely women work.
51. At zebra crossing people dressed as a zebra for teaching road rules to the children.
52. To combat the effect the altitude the Bolivians eat Coca.
53. Bolivia is one of the wettest countries in the world.
54. Education quality of Bolivia is poor.
55. In Bolivia the families are so connected, even generations live together.
56. The country has lots of health problems probably the highest in South America because of lack of clean water.
57. The pink dolphins found on Amazon in Bolivia, are called bufeos.
58. The height of Bolivian women is so small in size that you may think they are dwarves.
59. Bolivia has 97th largest economy in the world.
60. Bolivian can vote at the age of 18 if married and if they are single then at the age of 21.