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Emmet Wood

1. Francisco is waiting on Barnardo to alleviate himself of his watch duty at midnight. Act 1.1 takes place in Denmark, during some sort of medieval time, at midnight. Francisco and Barnardo both have the same job and because there have been sightings of apparitions they are on edge. Horatio is with Barnardo and Marcellus to see the apparition if it appears. Horatio is Hamlet’s best friend.
2. When Horatio is first told of the apparition, he says that they are imagining it and nothing will appear. When the ghost first appears, Marcellus tells Barnardo to be quiet and then Barnardo says that it looks like the dead king. Horatio’s addressing of the ghost as thou offends it, causing it to leave.
3. Horatio first assumes the appearance of the ghost means that something bad is going to happen. Horatio explains the war preparations in Denmark by saying that the Danish army is preparing for an invasion from the Prince of Norway, after the death of King Hamlet. Horatio’s comment about Julius Caesar implies how he fears the fall of King Hamlet will be the fall of the land. (My two books didn’t have a change from italics in and out so I’m not sure why it was done).
4. When the ghost appears a second time, Horatio tries to speak to it, asking it why it appears. After a roosters crow, the ghost starts to leave. Marcellus tries to strike it with his spear, but fails, and the ghost leaves. He believes that it was because of the violence that it left, but Horatio believes it was because of the rooster’s crow, which makes all ghosts leave.
5. The only surefire information about the ghost at this point is that it appears at midnight, at leaves when the roosters crow. The ghost has not yet shown to be either good or damned.
1. In the first part of his speech, Claudius is telling the court about his sorrow in losing King Hamlet, but his rejoice in the matter of the court accepting the marriage of Claudius to Queen Gertrude.