Electronic media refer to mediums of communication

Electronic media refer to mediums of communication, especially mass communication, which use electronic technology. Television, internet, radio and any other medium of communication which uses digital information and electricity falls under this category. Electronic media requires the use of electromechanical device in order to create, access and broadcast content. Most new media today is in the form of digital media.
Communication over long distances has become easier thanks to electronic media, allowing people from one end of the earth to connect with people on the other end of the earth. The same can be said about mass broadcasting of information, improving its accessibility and reach amongst people. It allows people to get educated, be updated and stay aware about the world around them. Mediums like radio also help break the barriers faced by the illiterate, allowing them to be aware about the world around them as well.

Human Resources department, as the name suggests, deals with people, more specifically, the people working for a given company or organization. It is primarily responsible for management of employees in a given organization. In the case of electronic media, the given organization may be an e-commerce company, television network, social media company, radio network etc.; any company or organization which primarily deals with electronic media as its field of service.
The primary objective of human resource department is to make company employees be more efficient and maximize a company’s result output. Since HR is responsible for optimizing an employee’s performance keeping the employer’s strategy and desired output in mind, they do so by overseeing employee recruitment, training, development and reward. They also achieve so by focusing on implementing policies and programmes.
The human resources department in an electronic media company focuses on recruiting individuals who fit the job profile and possess the necessary technological knowledge. Human resources department works on increasing the existing skills of the employees with on-the-job training and rotating work assignments to let employees grow and gain expertise in aspects of technology to put the agency in a strong competitive position.

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The Administration department in an electronic media company (example- Radio, TV networks, etc.) acts like a link to the given company’s various departments, essentially acting like a backbone to the given company. The administrative department ensures smooth flow of information between various departments of a company, ensuring coordination amongst them. An electronic media company cannot run efficiently without an effective administration department in place. Administration department, along with Human Resources department, is one of the key resources to allow high workplace efficiency and productivity. The administration department’s duties include planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. The administration department also works in collaboration with HR, pertaining to training and recruitment of personnel, and are also responsible for maintaining records.
The administration department is responsible for overseeing and developing the annual budget for all departments and performing other financial analysis functions.