Effect of climatic change on growth and production of plants

Effect of climatic change on growth and production of plants:
Environmental conditions play important role in the function and distribution of plants. Changes in long term environmental conditions that can be collectively coined climatic change have great impacts on plant diversity. It is predicted that climate change will remain one of the major drivers of biodiversity patterns in the future. global climate change are a major concern in many areas of socio- economic activities, like agriculture, forestry, and are a major threat for biodiversity and ecosystem function . Climate change is a result from emission of greenhouse gases e.g. CO2, CH4 and N2O. Agriculture is one of the sectors, which is sensitive to global warming and contributes to climate change (e.g. Atmospheric temperature, precipitation, soil, moisture, and humidity).. Climate change is one of the main drivers of terrestrial biotic change and has different effects, such as disturbances and loss of habitat, fragmentation, and increasing the incidence of photogenes. As global mean temperature rise, it causes positive or negative effects on different processes and activities in earth systems. These affect ecosystem services, biodiversity, species composition, plant growth and productivity of plants and crops. Due to increasing the population of world and industrial development they increased emission of green house gases. Use of fossil fuels, deforestation of plants, burning and decay of biomass, etc., leads to higher atmospheric CO2 concentration which can affect the growth and production of crops. The level of absorption and emission of radiation in the atmosphere, ocean and at the earth surface are highly affected by the amount of concentration of atmospheric green house gases. Rise in temperature have very different impacts on vegetation and ecosystem productivity and plants growth. Temperature can affect the rates of activities of photosynthetic enzymes and the electron transport chain in leaf and temperatures is a key factor influencing stomata conductance. The respiration process can be highly affected by temperature. The increase in temperature on plants growing in cold climate areas such as Arctic have greater potential effect on plant respiration than in plants growing in warmer areas, Climatic variability have large affects on crop development and yield production, Agriculture is highly affected by change in climate parameters. In farming we expect high greenhouse gases emission because of using large amount of inputs and chemicals, due to these changes of human activity natural and climate change highly effect different part of the world. Food production is highly affected variation in weather patterns, illegal deforestation can cause reduction in crop production, as climatic change have great impact on production and growth of crops. Due to these problem plants cannot grow and not produce any yield. So we should use small amount of chemical which can effect plants and other organisms and cause green house gases.