Economic growth is important everyone’s health

Economic growth is important everyone’s health. A part of economic growth is accessibility. Lack of access to public transportation or a car limits access to food. Certain population who lack transportation are more at risk at developing chronic diseases or disabilities, residents of rural areas, and some minority groups ( ). Children who are not able to get access to healthy foods may also be at an increased risk for a variety of negative health outcomes. Housing costs that are more than a household can reasonably afford can lead to foreclosure or eviction. The growth in manufacturing and services have positive impact on employment. The impact of GDP growth on employment in agriculture is found to be limited overall, while added growth agriculture has a larger impact on employment. For food processing, the authors find a positive impact of growth on employment. Another determinant of health would be family income status. Low income households experience higher levels of health concerns, then living in higher income households.  The lower income population can be lacking the education or understand how access healthy meals and/or lack of physical activity due to safety concerns in the neighborhood.