Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy, Feel Healthy
When deciding to have a healthy lifestyle, we must eat healthy to get it. Consuming a healthy meal every day can aid and give, your body the benefits to function in the long run. When having a healthy lifestyle, one must follow the plan, when eating such as making sure to include the essential nutrients, drinking plenty of water and reading labels when shopping for food.
A healthy lifestyle, when eating must include a daily dose of essential nutrients, which are fats, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and water. According to the book, Mastering Health by, Rebecca J. Donatelle “Food produce chemicals, we need for activity and body maintenance. Our bodies cannot synthesize them in adequate amounts; we must get them from food we eat” (Donatelle 263). Every nutrient provides a great benefit to our body. Fats gives fuel to support healthy skin and hair, body temperature and cell function. Carbohydrates gives us the energy. Vitamins aids in growth and maintaining skin to produce blood cells. Vitamins also heals wound, with the blood cell produced and convert energy. Minerals are the elements that helps us and without it, the vitamins will not absorb. A person must make sure to include these nutrient when eating their daily meals.

Water is important as our body consist of 50 percent of it.” Water is a major part of our blood, which carries oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and other substance to body cells and removes metabolic wastes “(Donatelle 264). When you drink water, it not only nourishes the body but cleanses it. When having a healthy life style water is the number one priority as it had no sugar and calories. When getting your daily exercise or activities it important to drink lots of water otherwise you end up dehydrated, meaning your body will become weak and in need of fluids. “Humans can survive several weeks without food but only for about a week without water” (Donatelle 264). Water is everywhere and without it we will not get rid of waste and toxins.

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When preparing and shopping for healthy food, you must know what food the right amount of the nutrient has you need. When reading the labels of packaged foods, you must look at % daily value, serving size, sugar, and vitamins. Serving sizes tell you the amount of the product you must eat. You must make sure that there are less sugar and trans-fat in your product as it may lead to making unhealthy choices. “Food labels contain other information as well such as name and manufacturer of the product’s contents or effects.” (Donatelle 276). Reading the labels helps you understand and keep track of the food you’re eating.

We must remember that we need to read the labeling of the food we buy, drink plenty of water and get you essential nutrients. When you keep track and maintains these major parts, you can have a better healthy option which lead to a stronger and active life. Exercise is the easy part but eating right is difficult.
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