GANDHI- Gandhi is a Bollywood movie. This movie is all about Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi. Gandhi is traveling from India by train to South Africa but he is thrown out from the train along with his family in 1983. Gandhi realized that laws are discriminatory against the Indian people and then, Gandhi decides to start a non-violent protest campaign for the rights of all Indians in South Africa. After so many imprisons and unwanted attention of the world, the government finally surrendered by recognizing rights for Indians, but although not for the local dark-skinned people of South Africa. After this victory, Gandhi is now considered something of a national hero and invited back to India. He is urged for India’s independence from the British Empire and he started his fight. Gandhi concurs, and mounts a peaceful, non-participation battle of exceptional scale, planning a large number of Indians across the nation. There are a few difficulties, for example, viciousness against the dissidents and Gandhi’s intermittent detainment. By the by, the crusade creates incredible consideration, and Britain faces serious open weight.