De Grauwe

De Grauwe (2005) noted the evidence of direct cause and effect relationship between SBM and improved outcomes is minimal. But he recognizes that several factors of SBM influence student outcomes including the control of quality of school leadership and teaching. In contrast, Eskeland and Filmer (2002) find a stronger correlation between increased autonomy and student test scores amongst the sub-sample of “poorest” primary urban Argentinean schools. Most of studies reported on the effect of School Board reforms shown the moderate effect on school outcomes (World Bank, 2011). Limitations and Challenges of School Governance Bodies
It is proved by empirical studies that good governance contributes to improving the practices of management at the level of institutions, improvement which in turn causes an increase in the success rate of students. The governance bodies can play a role in strengthening the quality of school management by contributing to the improvement of the school operation . These bodies could strengthen the effectiveness of the learning and teaching environment, as well as improving the academic success rate (Ranson, 2005a).