dance ,the the time dedicated to meaningful gestures that comes out from ones soul. It is expressed itself more effectively than words . Dance is not just an entertainment it is the most aesthetic way of communication.Dance is a means of artistic expression which involves technique,stamina,discipline and creativity.

Dance is much more than a performing art. It is the means of communication in which the soul expresses itself though meaningful gestures.It helps to express feelings and who you are .

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Communication through dance is not music driven but body and soul driven. the soul of the dancer is naturally tied to the expression communicated through movements .Dance plays a vital role in communication as it is the way of communication through physical movement but does not depend on vocal elements or sounds.

sometimes when you have really big things to say which cannot be conveyed through the limitations of mere words alone , dance steps in and allows the soul to speak through your body with expressions.

expression is ”the Dance from the heart”.

As Martha Graham said ”Dance is the hidden language of the soul and the body