Critically discuss whether language shapes thought

Critically discuss whether language shapes thought.

Language is a medium of representation of reality ? neutral?

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Does language affect how you think?
Language affects one’s perception of the world

Linguistic relativity is the thesis that the syntactic structure and lexicon of one’s language systematically influence how one perceives and conceptualizes the world (Swoyer 2003).

NOT: speakers of different languages by default think different thoughts.

Does there exist a sort of linguistic relativity, such that some aspect(s) of a person’s cognition depends on,or is relative in accordance with,the language employed by that person?Benjamin Lee Whorf posed a still unresolved question: do diverse languages influence the
habitual thought of their speakers? CDA shifts this question to different patterns of use within
a single language, but it makes no clear claim as to how language use might affect habitual
thought. Studies of language use and cognition must be comparative: but CDA provides no
systematic comparisons between texts and norms in the language.