Creationism and evolutionary theories have been without a doubt a disputable debate for decades

Creationism and evolutionary theories have been without a doubt a disputable debate for decades. Inevitably leaving many individuals on one side or the other. As I learned Human creation breaks down into two simple beliefs; creation theory, naturalistic evolution theory. Each theory presents its own evidence proving its acceptance but lacks enough evidence to prove the other theories incorrect.
Creationism argues faith ought to take priority over science, and science is only a theory until proven correct meaning it is not a fact and should not be accepted as truth. Generally basing their convictions on a God or Goddess or even the Book of scriptures for direction, and by all means intensely against the fact evolution does exist. Having faith that God created the habitable earth and everything on it, allegedly completing in six days (“Creation Science Today – Creation versus Evolution,” n.d.). While Evolutionists typically believe the earth is significantly older than the scriptures adequately portray and that the universe started with a “big bang.” Basing their convictions purely on science believing that there are no supernatural entities and that all plants, animals and human beings signify an end result of an inevitable development known as evolution. Moreover, Darwin describes that existence occurs as a natural selection process, stemming from a single-celled life form and nature (“Evolution of Life,” 2018).
While both sites I chose do contain knowledgeable information on this issue, Creation Science Today provides a well-informed video on the world-wide flood known as the Pangaea flood. describing three phases the continental separation, an uplift of ocean basins causing worldwide flooding and the subsiding of ocean basins. With the attempt to disprove evolutionary theory. In addition, the site also has very helpful content directing you to useful information on the issue as well as reliable references. On the negative side, the content of the site is a little too cluttered possibly deflecting readers to research other sites. While the other site, I used also offered utilizing and knowledgeable information along with images and educational videos relating to evolution including references an sources. Most importantly, the content is easily understood by all age groups and well laid out.
To conclude, with all the information provided evolution must be viewed with an open mind since there is no definite proof or law of evolution. The dilemma boils down to science vs. religion. Many would argue that God has been our creator since the beginning of time, but the discoveries of recent science are suddenly questioning the origins of our existence. With new scientifical discoveries, scientific theories may prevail over religious theories. Until science proves its evolutionary theory correct, the world will have to choose between the three theories based on personal beliefs, religious values, and scientific information. For numerous individuals within the scientific world, it is difficult to comfortably support a closing position on this controversial problem for the reason that there is scientifical proof of evolution. On the contrary, for a creationist that is where blind faith comes into considerable effect, genuinely believing in something that you cannot see, but having belief in God and faith in what God has done.