Confidence essay confidence can be defined differently

Confidence essay
confidence can be defined differently. It differs from individual to individual. According to the dictionary confidence is the feeling or belief on one self-trust and abilities about something or someone. It can also mean self-assurance, having courage to face something and being bold. Confidence is a word that is being used in our day to day life, as the saying goes confidence is the primary key to success hence many people have found confidence as one of the stepping stone to their achievement. One can either have it from birth or learn about it from friends and family, but still many people lack confidence.

The primary meaning of confidence is “fully trust on your abilities and having courage to face something without any fear.” Nobody is perfect; everyone is lacking confidence in one way or another. Whether it is a big competition in a game, giving a speech in public or in class, during a job interview, or accepting your appearance, people really lack the confidences required for human survival to live a happy and enjoyable life. According to Marcus Garvey, “if you have no confidence in self, you are twice deafeated in the race of life.” This quote is truly applicable in a daily life one cannot attain his or her goals withoit confidence.