Class PMBA 6314 Term Spring 1

Class PMBA 6314 Term Spring 1, 2018 Name Ray Espinosa Case Summary/Analysis CPS Energy located in San Antonio, Texas is a leading municipally owned energy utility which provided natural gas and electric. This company was in the profitable stage and its main motive is to satisfied customer base and work force. The CPS workers had limited access to IT systems and resources if they are not in the office or warehouse they are not able to attend the customer issues and cant solve it effectively and efficiently. CPS workers had to be physically present to diagnose problems, which meant deploying employees to a particular site. Also the entire after sales service took several days to finish. If we kept with the amount of manual labor that it took for us to accomplish that work, we would not be in the position to be competitive in the future, Barron says. The implement of Magellan program by Christoper Barron VP and CIO of CPS Energy, was designed in order to mobilize and connect its workforce to the people and systems they needed to do their jobs. It will extend CPS networking infrastructure. While building its own secure Wi-Fi networks in offices and warehouses to deploy smartphones and custom mobile application to all CPS staffers who didnt have a laptop or other mobile devices. One challenge that Barron face was deploying smartphones to a large user base getting executive buy-in. Barron implied that by the end of 2006 the Magellan Program, through the use of smartphones and other technology, has or will empower all employees, no matter what work they perform, to become part of the greater companys though network. CPS staffers would be able to use their smartphones particularly in a few ways, such digital cameras at work sites, as GPS tracking mechanisms, and as emergency notification receivers. These three innovative ways can save time and money. Employees will be able to visit a site, take photos of a damages piece of equipment or infrastructure, and send it back to the office. Experienced employees will be able to diagnoses the problem and send information on how to fix it or send the appropriate personnel who is available immediately through voice e-mail and SMS text from their smartphones. Barron said, The Magellan program, through the use of smartphones and other technology, has or will empower all employees, no matter what work they perform, to become part of the greater companys thought network. Questions Answers E-Trace was implemented by a construction company called Lloyd E-Trace was mobile suit adapter by Lloyds construction to coordinate workers and equipment. The software E-Trace provided designed Gearworks to work for sprint Nextels i560 and i850 phones. Both Magellan and E-Trace proved to be very beneficially to both CPS Energy and Lloyds Construction Company. By using Magellan it reduced the time and work load by sending the efficient and effective information. Using E-Trace assisted in company to reach the highest level by reducing fuel cost because of efficient routing or reduce unauthorized stops. Some resistance that employees faced while presenting smartphones in CPS is that technology would be costly and that technology adds only a little value, while in Lloyds Construction employees had issues learning the features of the smartphone. In most cases it is always difficult to adjust to change, most of the time we stick to what we know. Some solutions that can be made to assist with the transition would be to gradually introduce new items instead of an immediate transition. Also, conduct sufficient training so that employees can get familiar with new technology. Using smartphones could have created new products and services for customers such in CPS perhaps the could use technology to give customers the ability to make purchases, report any problems or even make scheduled appointments. Lloyds Construction would benefit by using smartphones to schedule pickup times for trash, expand into household waste and just picking up trash from construction sites. Opinion/Lessons Learned On the off chance that organizations like CPS Energy and Lloyds construction can execute the IT and win such a tremendous benefit which can accomplish the objective by fulfilling the client require. At that point any organization can procure general advantages in the business by actualizing cell phones and few general advantages that an organization can gain. A few cases are PC functionalities, planner, quick correspondence and data, navigation and networking with clients. Work cited Energy, C. (2015). CPS Energy. Retrieved June 12, 2015, from http// https// OBrien, James Marakas, G. (2012). Management Information Systems, 10th Edition. New York, NY McGraw-Hill/Irwin Case Study 2, For companies both big and small running a business on smartphonesChapter 2, Page 59-60 Page PAGE 4 of NUMPAGES 4 Y, dXiJ(x(I_TS1EZBmU/xYy5g/GMGeD3Vqq8K)fw9
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