Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature A major problem encountered by Balai Ha BukSU is its current manual based system

Chapter 2
Review of Related Literature
A major problem encountered by Balai Ha BukSU is its current manual based system. It leads to various inconvenience in the hotel’s daily operations. This study intends to create a more convenient way to manage the hotel’s reservations and operations via online.
There have been studies conducted on hotel reservation and management system by international and local researchers.
Bemile et al. (2014) conducted a study on the Online Hotel Reservation System for Hansonic hotel. It concluded that the old system does not serve the customer in a better way, rather it makes customer data vulnerable. For security purposes, their newly developed system keeps proper records of customers. The system helps secure customer information since no information is disposed off unlike the existing system of Hansonic hotel. With the help of virtual tour created along with the system, it advertises the hotel effectively.
A study conducted by Russell Pierce et. al (n.d.) focused on developing the Foreign Languages and Multimedia Center ( FLLMMCIS ): A Web-based Database-driven Inventory System. The system facilitates the Multimedia Center’s inventory lending activities. It is a database-driven website written in ColdFusion with MySQL database for the back-end part. The Multimedia Center (MMC) library provides lending services of multimedia assets to students, faculty, and staff. MMC employees are the users of the system. It is use to maintain an accurate inventory, document lending activities, and administer MMC library policy. It is organized into two sections; (1) the library which provides the user with all the primary functionality and (2) the administration section which exists to support the operation of the library section.

Louw, Door Janne, (2006, May 10,2006). Description with UML Hotel Reservation System. Create and develop a system that enables the customer to reserve hotel room online. The system can query the customer for date of arrival as well as length of stay, display the available rooms and provide the customer an option to choose one or more rooms, calculate the availability of rooms in the database, ask how many will be staying in the room, calculate costs for the customer’s knowing and ask for additional service/s to acquire like dinner and breakfast, and renting bikes. The researcher also uses figures accompanied with detailed explanation for a better understanding of the readers.
Moreover, international researchers Ramlee (2006) conducted a study about Inventory Management System. It is a real-time inventory database capable of connecting multiple stores. It is used to track the inventory of a single store, or to manage the distribution of stock between several branches of a larger franchise. However, the system merely records sales and restocking data and provides notification of low stock at any location through email at a specified interval.
Ogirima S.A.O (2014) studied about Online Computerized Hotel Management System. It is a mobile application where this system is connected to the internet. At the end of the study, he concluded that user preferred online hotel management system (HMS) to conventional manual hotel processing as investigated. It was mentioned that mobility, ease-of-use, and cost are one of the factors considered to impact user’s choice decision.
In addition, the research study conducted by local researchers Delizo et al. (2013) concerns on online hotel reservation and management development and design for the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management (CITHM). Because of the system that they developed, the students of CITHM were able to know the complexity of an online hotel reservation system.
Nowadays, technology could really impact a business’ operation. Castillo (2014) studied the Importance of Computerized System to Reservation and Front Office Operations of Hotels, in Batangas Philippines. Based on their study and results of assessment, they concluded that; The computerized system is very important for the hotels in Batangas on their reservation and front office operations, specifically on sales and reservation, guest registration, forecasting room status and room availability, during both peak and lean seasons. The greatest importance, however, is placed on room availability during peak season and on forecasting room status during lean season. Also, during both peak and lean season, computerized system is equally important for Batangas hotels regardless of their number of rooms as regards all reservation and front office operations.
Another local study was conducted by Villanueva (n.d.) and it focuses on developing Vienna Hotel Reservation System. Similarly, like Balai Ha BukSU, this system is also developed for HRM students and instructors of IETI College of Science and Technology for their research and boosts their knowledge about the technical aspects of the hotel. This system is a transaction processing system about reservation. Services offered by the hotel are displayed and the customer can only accommodate the room and packages that are shown in the system’s GUI. However, the user must be a registered member and should be stored in the system’s database or else no any transactions are possible aside from viewing the system.
Oribiana and Cerafica (2015) study about Online Reservation System of Sallie Ville Resort states that the system they developed helps the resort owner in terms of improving and updating their current system. It is designed to have a user-friendly interface for the customer’s benefit to have a more easy way and hassle free online reservation.
Another study was conducted locally by Agbanlog (n.d.) on Web-based Hotel Reservation Management System for Tune Hotel. It has similar problems to the studies mentioned above that the response to inquiries, reservation process and the likes are slow. And in order to solve these, the system was developed for the better operation of the hotel.
One of the existing websites for hotel is the Littlehotelier. (, 2018) “Little Hotelier is a cloud-based hotel management solution designed for small and midsize hotels. It also offers management services such as front-desk management, online booking, payment management and channel management within a suite. It is suitable for bed and breakfasts, inns, independent hotels and condos. Little Hotelier lets users to manage reservations, hotel check-ins and check-outs. It synchronizes availability information across booking channels such as hotel websites and third-party booking websites. It also enables users to design their hotel websites using templates which are fitted to their preferences. It also offers direct booking, which allows users to accept online bookings from the website. Users can also take payments via online through the website.
As a conclusion, based on the several studies mentioned above, the systems they develop has similarities to this system such as establishing a technological system and not the manual type, adding a virtual tour which enables the customers to get a glimpse of the hotel as if they were actually there using the photos provided in the web. It also has a web-based reservation and smartphone users can use their mobile device through browsing the internet to connect to the hotel’s website. Similarly, this system is also develop for Bukidnon State University students in training their technical knowledge as Balai Ha BukSU hotel aims to lead in providing the best hospitality training in the region. However, there are also differences found in our system like the inventory system. Our system has inventory but it isn’t online or web-based and it is also not for Multimedia Center neither for inventory of stores. Another thing is it does not include online payment.