censorship over story makers

censorship over story makers, with the accepted stories to be told and the ones not accepted to be banned, the modes of music which would be played, and which should be banned and the kind of painting/craft that should be allowed. Plato makes a systematic case for censoring all arts so that tales of the wailing and lamentation of men would be refined because strong and moral man will not grieve the death of a friend by

moaning and wailing. He also mentioned that censorship should be extended to all craftsmen on the painting they do, to insure the development of good character. For a good portrait of the gods and heroes will show them as worthy and exalted being and not tales of the gods and heroes fighting and bickering and acting immorally. Also, a moral citizen’s soul will be composed and dignified, but many musical modes stir us up inside and make us jangled and unsettled. Plato mentioned censoring the story makers because a proper moral of the story will teach that good people meet good ends and bad men meet bad ends and not a tragic poet which often have bad men profit and protagonists fail and suffer despite their virtues. I would agree with the Plato’s regulation for ideal state because it is necessary to ensure the different elements of society maintained their proper roles and do not waiver and to cultivate our own individual progression within the society, as well