Cause and Effect of Social Media In today’s century

Cause and Effect of Social Media
In today’s century, it is expressed by its fixation on technology, mostly focusing on the younger generation. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram are all examples and share the same purpose of meeting new people through social media. Although there are numerous positive effects of social media, there are also plenty of negative effects as well.
Technology gives us the ability to continue to stay in touch with the world 24/7. We use this as the only way of communication most of the time. It could be by a text message, email from your cell phone, or a social media message or post. This is causing almost all our face to face interaction to decrease immensely. People today detach themselves from the real world and lose interest to interact with people face to face or in real life. This is because it is so easy to pick up your cell phone and just check your social media to see how a person is doing via Facebook updates for example. It is crucial for human beings to be included in social interaction so this is becoming one issue of social media and the constant use.
As we all know you can take pictures of absolutely anything and everything and posting it on any of the social media sites I have previously named. Unless your security settings are as private as possible, anyone will be able to see these photos or post’s in general. Once these photos are posted to these social media sites, no matter of your privacy settings, these photos never leave the internet. They are in what they call “space” forever. For instance, you accidently upload a personal photo you don’t want anyone to see, it is on the internet forever. This can cause so many issues for this person such as bullying, law enforcement trouble, problems with parents or teachers, etc.
Next, this topic is the most dangerous and scary effects of social media. Social media was invented to catch up with old friends and keep in touch. Today, most use social media forums to connect with new people. Some social media sites allow you to enter your address, birthday, phone number and even your current location at the time. Some sites also take your information and connect you with people who they think would be a good “match” for you. Although many people do go on to build real friendships and even relationships through people they have met on social media, there are several horror stories about this method of meeting people. This is where the term “catfish was created. In which people hide behind the pictures they post on these sites and impersonate someone that they are not. They even go one to try to meet with the person they are talking to and this is when it can get extremely dangerous.
Boredom is another thing that leads us to social media. As soon as our hands or minds aren’t focused on work or school, we grab our phones. We desire to know the latest news on Twitter and it kills us if we can’t pick up the phone as soon as possible. This turns a simple pleasure into a big distraction. This causes a big problem for many when trying to do school work or possibly in the work place.
There is an infinite amount of negative effects of social media on our society today. Social media can create a fun, easy way to keep up with the latest news, connect with friends and post about your own life. On the other hand, social media can cause people to isolate their selves from the real world, put their selves into danger and it can be a big distraction in our everyday routine. People need to realize to set boundaries on their usage of social media, make sure they are as protected as possible and try to communicate less through an electronic device to help our society become more positive than negative in these aspects.