Cat is a carnivorous mammal that has soft fur and is very likeable by humans

Cat is a carnivorous mammal that has soft fur and is very likeable by humans. They have entertaining yet playful behaviour that can melt us human’s heart. Have you ever feel that way? Because I do. By knowing and looking at their attitude, I am sure most of us would love to have cats as our pet right? So, in this beautiful morning I would like to share with you interesting facts about cats that may surprise you! I am going to share their interesting facts on their behaviour, sense of smell and eating behaviour.

Cats are one of the pets that is lovable and definitely nice to take care of. Their behaviour are indeed surprising but cute.
One of the interesting behaviour about cats that you may want to know is they love to lay on things especially on their owner’s. ¹ Jenny Kellet once said, if you have cats, you would definitely have experience them laid on your books, newspapers and many more. I have experienced where my cat loves to lay on my books when I was doing my homework. They are actually showing the sign that they wanted you to be near to them and they actually feel secure with it.

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Little did you know that cats are appealing on their great sense of smell? In fact, one of their greatest sense of smell is they love to sniff their owner’s face.²
According to Dell’ Amore, cats are one of the animals that are full of curiosity and it includes huge curiosity in humans. When they are curious, they love to smell your face, breath and overall scent because they enjoy the warmth of human presence. When you let them smell your face, it will only make the cats love and trust you more. This is one of most interesting fact that I have ever heard about cats because I never expect that they would feel that kind of way when they get to sniff their owner’s face.

Lastly, cats have weird eating behaviour that some of us may not know.

As Johnson Bennett said, they have unique eating behaviour and you have to follow in order to maintain your cats health.³ Do you know that cats do not like it when you change their food? Yes, it is true. I have experienced it myself when my cat actually did not eat the food I bought in order for her to try new food. Spoiled food can cause intestinal upset and in order to that, you can introduce new food that suits your cat taste buds to avoid stomach ache.

Every animal has their own speciality including cats.

They are special on their eating habits, sense of smell and behaviour. According to Charles Bukowski, he once said that whenever he is feeling low, all he has to do is watch his cats and all his courage returns. Cats have that aura that can calm humans heart. Everyone should try to have a cat as your pet as it is fun, cheeky and adorable