Carmen SellkeReflective Journal 1

Carmen SellkeReflective Journal 1: Expectations
As I begin my college journey I have a lot different expectations and ideas about how my time here in college will be and what I plan to get from time in college. Some of these expectations are personal and social. Such as how I expect to be homesick and miss my family members, friends, and other people from my hometown. While some of my other expectations are more professional and intellectual. Like how I expect my college courses to be more challenging and require more time and energy than my classes in high school did. I also have the idea that college is going to make me become more responsible. Here I will be having a lot more responsibilities. Such as buying any groceries or other items I need, making sure I go to all my classes, and taking care of my vehicle, just to name a few. Due to all the extra free time that I will have on my hands compared to when I was in high school, I expect that my experience at college will force me to pick up some time management skills. Hopefully if I manage my time well I won’t procrastinate and therefore won’t fall behind on any work. I also have the expectation that in my time at college I will make new friends and find people and places on campus, that I can connect to. I really hope these friends that I make in college are ones that I can remain close to after graduation as well. I also expect to find what my interests are and find out for certain what sort of degree I am going to obtain, and what I am going to do with it. Another thing I expect from my time in college is for me to hopefully become a little more outgoing. Since I am quite shy and reserved I am hoping my time here will help expand my comfort zone a bit, but not to the point where it is intolerable. While I do have many expectations on what my time here is going to be like and what I plan to get from my time here in college I will try to remain open minded on many of these things so that I can truly experience everything that is going to happen and take time to enjoy it all.