Cardas Research

Cardas Research & Consulting Group (CRCG) is a full-service marketing research and consultancy company that offers both qualitative and quantitative research techniques to play their role in helping the client. Their professional workforce possesses dominant analytical and modelling capabilities. It offers a broad range of products and services focused on the consumer market.
Thus, consumer research services that provide by CRCG such as advertising concept testing will be done through the process of qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate consumer response towards a product idea prior to the introduction of a product to the market. The research can also be used to generate communication designed to develop consumer attitudes toward existing products. So the client will know the impact of doing those advertisement in this economically tight situations where the pressure on margins grows, firms can pull off an advantage by focusing on consumer attitudes, brand beliefs and product development.
Besides that, customer satisfaction research focuses on the customers’ attention with their shopping or purchase experience. CRCG assists you to better understand your customers based on their shopping and purchase experience. Our professionals are here to assist your company to assess how your products or services deliver based on the critical success factors. It will make their client to focussed on what customer want.

Doing pricing research is one of the important alternative to give a solution for the company’s problem. Pricing strategy is vital for positioning a brand in the market. They are able to assist your company in understanding the regular pricing dynamics that influence the consumers’ decision-making process by using the latest sophisticated models and techniques.