Burt’s bees markets itself as an “Earth friendly” global company which produces health

Burt’s bees markets itself as an “Earth friendly” global company which produces health, beauty, and personal care products. Burt’s bees is well known for natural and environmental friendly products. There is no doubt that the demand for natural green products has been increased significantly over the past few years. Many personal products have high chemical content, which could potentially have negative consequences to their skin and bodies. Burt’s bees are not only targeting people who has sensitive skins, but also people who want to achieve a healthy life and who care more about environment. As one of the Burt’s bees top seller products, burt’s bee bar soap has 3 features related to the environment that are labeled on the packaging, which are “no tested on animal”, “99.7% natural” and “Terraskin wrapper”.
On the back of the bar soap wrapper, there is a small, but noticeable symbol said “no tested on animal”, which says that the company who manufactured the products does not perform any animal testing. As topics related to animal protection getting more and more attentions in the society, it has huge effect on many related business.Take an example of UGG “ugly truth” news back in November 2016, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) released a video about UGG using sheepskin to make boots. In the video, sheep are castrated, have their tails cut off, and are killed in the manufacturing of Ugg boots. The video has been received over 50 millions views on Facebook and Instagram. In fact, UGG’s parent company, Deckers Brands, reported a nearly 10 percent sales decline in the U.S., leading its stock shares to crash by a staggering 23.8 percent after the news released. More customer is looking for cruelty free products when they shop. As a result, many cosmetic company tried to get the certification through leaping bunny program or PETA. Leaping bunny program is a gold-standard in cruelty-free certification for personal care and household products companies. Company who is approved and received the “cruelty free” certification through Bunny program or PETA, can have the “cruelty-free” or ” not tested on animals”, or even the image of bunny” labels on their products. However, all these symbol could only means that there is no animal testing on the final product. When in fact, most of the animal testings are performed at the ingredient level. Burt’s bee is registered as the cruelty free company on both Leaping bunny program and PETA. All of their products has the bunny image or “not tested on animal’ labels. We cannot be certain if they perform any animal testing on the ingredients level or not. But “cruelty free” is always one of the biggest selling point for their products.

There are many benefits of using natural health and beauty products, including earth-friendly, arovid irritation, healthy, gentler over time, and so on. The text “99.7% Natural” if the first thing that catch people’s attention on the package. It is labeled in red at the center of the front wrapper of burt’s bees bar soap. On the side of the packaging, it listed all the ingredients with detail instruction.The ingredient of the bar soap includes palm oil, sodium cocoate, parfum, buttermilk power, oat, kernel flour, and limonene. Unlike other labeled “99% natural” products, Burt’s bees usually round the natural percentage to a decimal place. Customers tend to trust burt’s bees branding for natural more, as specific data is more convincing to the reader. In fact, all the natural ingredient are listed on the burt’s bees website with detailed instruction of the purpose for using the ingredient, the benefit, and where the natural ingredient come from.

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Packaging plays a important parts in what a customer decide to purchase. Product packaging is a marketing tool. Burts’ bees uses a special kind of wrapper for the bar soap. Burt’s bees using a special material called terraskin paper as wrapper. Unlike any other kinds of wrapper, the terraskin paper is not made from tree. In fact, it is made from 80% Calcium Carbonate, which is one of the most abundant minerals found on earth, and 20% High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is an non-toxic binding agent. Burt’s bees is the first company that apply terraskin paper as a wrapper on soap bar(Citation). In 2007, the Burt’s bees soap wrapper made with Terraskin won the silver Sustainable packaging leadership award from the packaging association of Canada. The manufacturing process for terraskin paper is also earth friendly. On one hand, waster is not required to produce terraskin paper, which lead no water pollution. On the other hand, unlike other paper manufacturing process, there is no bleaching chemicals steps in the manufacturing process. Because calcium carbonate itself is a pure white color materials. In order to ensure customer know this great materials is used for the bar soap, there is a detailed instruction of what Terraskin paper is printed at the center on the back of the bar soap wrapper.