Angela Carla V. Almanza

21st century learners are obsessed with technology particularly gadgets. They spend more time in playing mobile games than studying, that’s why parents have a hard time disciplining their children. Students bring what they know is right in their schools. That is probably the main reason why disciplinary actions are done.

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Because of the different hindrances that the youth are facing today, like social medias and different gadgets, they find it hard to build a good study habit and leads to frustration and depression. It is said that children should build a good study habit at early age.
To avoid frustration and depression in gaining good grades learners should consider the following as a guide in having a good study habit.
Make a study skills check list. List the areas where you think you need to improve and focus. Discover your learning style. Discover and enhance the kind of learning style that will improve your skills. Effective time management is one of the key secret. One must know how to organize his/her time. You should know your priorities. Improving your note taking, listening skills, and memory. Finding your study place. Some learners learn through silent and peaceful places some are good in studying everywhere even in noisy place. They can do multitask. Have a study group. This helps the learners to ask question about some topics that is not clear to them.
Your success depends on you. Always make a room for improvement and be responsible in taking actions. No one will lift you up unless you, yourself, do it for your own success. Education is the key and we should take things seriously. Enjoyment can be done but always know what to prioritize to avoid failure.