Besides engaging and interacting with the residents of the various Homes

Besides engaging and interacting with the residents of the various Homes, the employees involved in the visits also performed for the residents. Donations both monetary and in kind were also made from proceeds derived from a variety of fund-raising activities conducted by the Kelab Kebajikan Syarikat. Padini Holdings Berhad (formerly Caring From The Heart), a group consisting of employee volunteers from Padini. A total of RM17,920 in cash and kind were donated to the homes mentioned.
Besides the above, the Group also donated assorted Padini merchandise to various charities
An in-house blood donation campaign which attracted 60 successful donations was organized by the Group HRT department in collaboration with Pusat Darah Negara
In the beginning of 2016, the group also participated in Midvalley’s CSR programmes where we contributed RM12,300 worth of cash vouchers to senior citizens invited by the mall. Although the actual utilisation by the senior citizens only amounted to RM5,600, we were glad to be part of the programme.
Padini sponsored 117 employees for a Lifecheck programme conducted by the National Kidney Foundation and made RM500 cash contribution to the Foundation to fund the operating cost of the Lifecheck Programme.
RM2,000 was also donated to Pertubuhan Membantu Pesakit Parah Miskin Malaysia to support their effort in providing aid to terminally ill patients.
Padini sponsored 2 charity runs during the year, in November 2015, a team consisting of 30 of their employees participated in the Run for Hope 2015 that was organised by KDU University College and another team of 22 employees participated in the Zombie Night Run (Run for Kidney) in May 2016 organised by MMICARE Association. A contribution of RM1,500 and RM1,100 were made in relation to our participation respectively
During the 2016 financial year, Padini had collected and sold for recycling, a total of 1.975 tonnes of used paper and paper products; the proceeds amounting to some RM502, while negligible, were used in part to fund some of the Group’s philanthropic activities.
The Board fully recognises that its primary role as stewards of the Group must of necessity require it to dutifully act always in the best interests, firstly of the Group and then of its shareholders. At the same time however, the Board is also cognisant of the need to strike a proper balance between enhancing shareholders’ value and giving due consideration to the interests of other stakeholders.
Chapter 15, Part E, Paragraph 15.25 of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad’s (“Bursa Malaysia”) Main Market Listing Requirements have been amended to take cognisance of the new Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2012 (“MCCG 2012”), and the following presents a narrative statement provided by the Board describing how the Group has applied the Principles and their corresponding Recommendations as set out in the MCCG 2012. Where the Recommendations relating to any one Principle have not been followed, the position is clearly stated and if there are reasons for noncompliance, the reasons are also given. However if alternatives have been adopted, they are also reported upon.