be seen as the symbol of an individual caught in the hostile universe

be seen as the symbol of an individual caught in the hostile universe. this imprisonment strips off his confidence and makes him stranger to himself. throughout the novel the stranger there are immense instances of ironical situations and phrases which convey theabsurd behaviour and ideas. the most evident ironical situation is the trial of meursault where camus also tries to project the parody of society and a satire on the society. however in the fall the notion of protest and guilt is satirised as being used as a weapon to enslave people. during meursaults trial he was never accused for his crime of murdering the arab. the magistrate prosecutor society and jury were more concerned about his indifferent emotional approach and lack of sentiments over his mothers death and her funeral. during the trial the magistrate explains that he was there to supervise the proceedings as a sort of umpire and he would take a scrupulously impartial view of the case camus 1989: 108 though the trial was neither impartial nor was in the interest of justice. during the trial eventhe attorney of meursault realised the absurd nature in the courtroom which made him ask the question is my client on trial for having buried his mother or for killing a man camus 1989: 120 the major reason of camus behind satirising the society is that the society kills the creative power of an individual for self-transcendence. the most important part of the novel the stranger would perhaps be the point where the protagonist meursault faces death. it is the time when he also realises what his mother would have felt when she was near death because he faces the same situation as that of his mother. he states so close to death maman must have felt free then ready to live it all again camus 1989: 122 he accepts his death and he felt as if there was no major difference between life and death i felt that i had been happy and that i was happy again. camus 1989: 123 throughout the novel the death of his mother had no meaning at all in his life but only at the end of the novel he realises and understands what it would have been for her at the end of her life. i felt as i understood why at the end of her life she had taken a fiancé. camus 1989: 122 sartre states in context of camus work the stranger thatthe adventures of meursault are chiefly intended to emphasise on the absurd nature of the universe world and existence. camus writing techniques like use of irony symbolism and