BATTERIES What is a Battery

What is a Battery?
A device that stores energy is called a battery. It stores chemical energy and turns it into electric energy when it is released. The chemical reactions in the batteries creates an electric current. Different types and different sizes of batteries have different chemical combinations. Two of the main types are Primary Batteries and Secondary Batteries.

How does a Battery Work?
The electric current is made up of particles called electrons. Electrons can form parts of atoms. Separating electrons from atoms and pushing them into an electric circuit makes the battery work. Circuits are what electric currents travel through and the electrons that flow through the circuits are what makes a current. So, when devices that are powered by batteries connect to the electric circuit they can change the electric energy into other forms of energy.

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Types of Batteries
There are many, many different types of batteries and they are usually named by the types of materials that are used in the electrodes and the electrolytes. The voltage of the battery is determined by the materials.