Based on the slide that lecturer on chapter 2 the title which is being a manager

Based on the slide that lecturer on chapter 2 the title which is being a manager. On this chapter I have learned about the manager type and the manager principles.
First on the manager is Frederick Winslow Taylor, he is a scientific management. This type of the manager is using the reward benefit to help relationship with the employee, because he used the scientific logic found that the people when they get the satisfied it will help to increase the working process. On he first principle is about the person put on the right job position and based on employee skills. Example like a person with good computer skill but the organization put in business department, the person will have no function on the department. Second principle is about the job must use the right thing on it such as equipment and tools. Example, like the organization with a high technology department if using the old technology, the organization will be fast to close down soon. Third principle is about the employee must according to the working rules and instruction. Example, if the employee without discipline and not follow the organization rules and instruction, they will always make the mistake and not respect anyone in organization. And he last principle is a give the reward to encourage and motivate them on working hour such as give the money, benefit and else.
Second type of the manager is for the human resource, HR department is control the whole organization employee and their working performance. Henri Fayol is created total 14 principle for give Human resource manager to have a good manage in Human resource.
•Division of Labor – the manager with a good enough in job distribute of labor can increase the working process and performance.
•Authority – manager must have enough power to control the employee, if not enough the employee won’t listen to manager
•Discipline – The employee must have self-discipline such as respect the organization rules and condition, team member and time punctual.
•Unity of Command – An organization must follow the order only from the higher department which is manager.
•Unity of Direction – an organization should only have one manager to give task or idea, so that is no conflict at the end of the work.
•Remuneration – give the fair reward base on the employee working performance
•Line of authority – The manager must control the line of authority base on the team leader. To avoid every team leader to give pressure to their teammate.
•Centralization – the manager has to Appropriate use of employees.
•Hierarchy – there are highest to lowest level for each manager in a company
•Order – give the right job to the suited employee. This will increase the employee working performance
•Equity – manager have must treat the employee worker good fair enough. Without the fair and equity the employee is always blame and decrease work performance.
•Stability of Staff – this principle not just apply on manager but also to employees where they should fully committed on the job
•Initiative – Manager must always encourage their employee and give chance to speak out their idea avoid burying the potential employee.
•Esprit de Corps – The manager must always give the motivate to the employee for increase their job performance and working process.
The last of the manager type is theory X and theory Y. It created by Douglas Mcgregor, the theory X and theory Y is measure the employee working attitude and behaviour. First for the theory X normally is base on lazy type worker and mostly is dislike to work. They will always find a reason to skip the work as possible and try to work as little as they can. Theory X type of employee mostly is don’t have any ambition and responsibility.
For theory is Y is the Theory X opposite, this type of employee is always hardworking during work. They like to work as possible as they can, full of responsibility. Theory Y type of employee willing always do the good for the organization without get any benefit.