Author’s Story

Author’s Story: Brenden Rivera
He was born in 1980 in a small village near Oklahoma. He had only a mother who loved her son since his childhood. Often, she used to buy sweets from stores for herself and for his son.She was a fan of sweets and ate a lot of them. After some years, her fondness caused her diabetes which became the cause of her death and thus leaving her son alone at an early age of 17 years. After that, the boy fell into depression and started eating more and more sweets to fill the emptiness in his soul.
A year later, the doctors acknowledged him that he might have to suffer the same illness in the future as his mother.This revelation terrified him and made him think a lot about his health. He was sure that his mother would not approve of his way of life. Every day he had more and more questions (how to stop eating sweets, how to improve health, how to lose weight?). The answer came itself, you just need to find out how the world of food works.
He really wanted to poznat all the secrets of sweet life and was curious to find ways to avoid his mother’s fate without abhorring sweet food. So, he came up with the idea to go to the pastry cooks. After years of training with a number of experts, he came up with different alternatives for sweet food and often checked blood sugar level to analyze whatingredients affect the body. After a couple of years working in the restaurant, he learned to cook dishes without sugar.
Now this cook is a high-end confectioner, who is invited to banquets and America’s most expensive restaurants. In 2013,in one of those restaurants, he met a beautiful girl who worked in the same place with him.She herself was a chef who was mastered in making delicious and appealing salads. In 2016, they got married, now they are Brendan and Jenny Rivera.
Now he lives not far from Los Angeles with his wife and daughter Emma. He wants to create a series of books about tasty desserts. These will be the books with useful desserts and desserts without sugar. He is very much concerned about the fate of your loved ones that his mother once faced. Create your sweet masterpieces and have fun not only from the taste, but from the fact that you yourself created it.