Assignment no 1 Question no 1 Impacts of aligarh movement on muslims and their reinforments

Assignment no 1
Question no 1
Impacts of aligarh movement on muslims and their reinforments
, after the war of independence the Muslims condition of India were extremely miserable as the British destroys Muslims more than Hindus. They thought that Muslims were in charge of many wrong deeds and the war held in view of their brutal and inconsiderate After 1857, the Muslims developed as a ignorrant nation; they were unskilled and miserably ignorant in each of their aspects of their in this state sir syed ahmad khan emeraged from the bottom of the nation to support muslim nation aligarh movement was one of his important movement
Impacts of aligarh on muslim
1. In 1864, this movement opened a Society which was named as ‘The Scientific Society’ for Translation from english to urdu. It distributed Urdu translations of English books on science and different subjects, and an English-Urdu journal for spreading thoughts on social changes. it removed of numerous social prejudices that kept the network/community backward
2.His biggest achivement was opening of MAO college in1875 the staff of this college came from england so most of the british throughout the sub continent showed their intrest in it because it wasthe first time that british and musims were working togatherand it played an important role in develop te personality of muslim
3.The Aligarh Movement presented a new trend in Urdu writing. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and his partners left the old style of writing in the Urdu litlature, which was expository and academic, and began a basic style which helped Muslims to comprehend the fundamental motivation behind the development
4.It helps the growth of the school at the differents ends of sub continent it encourage different area muslims to study and start to leaarn about their rights it also introduce muslim poets to a new style of poetary
5.It encourage many muslims and they started to express their rights to the british it also encourage them to oppose many governors of indian national congrees which was not ready to develop at that time
Question no 2
Shimla deputation
Simla deputation was one of the most important event in the political history of the muslims on 1 oct 1906 it was organized by lord minto and it was a great deal for muslims accoding to their political veiws there were 35 muslim parti cipants who participate in it from all the provinces of the sub continant
Impacts of simla deputation on muslim politics
1.for the first time the conflict between hindus and muslims were presented on a higher level of a constitutional plane the conflict of lower level between hindus and muslims was presented on a political institution
2.They emphisized that they dont trust indian national congress or hindus they ought that they should have a seprate electrode or election in assembeles they donot trust their future on congress
3.This was then became one of the prominant reason to use two nation theory and getting a seprate homeland
4.This rise a unity among the muslim of the sub continent that different areas muslims have same point of veiw in some ways
The distrust on hindus was also a cause to form muslim league