Assess the role better communication competency to professional success

Assess the role better communication competency to professional success.
Communication is the act of delivering or exchanging anticipated ideas, views, message and knowledge from an individual or a group to another through the use of mutually understanding signs and language. It is a tool to share and collect information and ideas. Communication can be classified in Verbal, non-verbal and written Communication.
Verbal communication skill is essential for an individual; which is highlighting character. Verbal Communication requires straight forward language. The delivered words should be simple and according to the level of the beneficiary. Nonverbal communications signify to the body posture and gestures of an individual on delivering or listening to someone. Proper use of vocabulary rich sentences with correct syntax and professional way of conveying information are some competencies of written communication. Feebly worded, syntax and spelling errors hinder the message to be conveyed and also seems unprofessional. While dealing with the public through written communication plays the significant role. These major communicating skills are essential for managers and business entrepreneurs as well as human resources.
Characteristics of competence communication:
1. A communication should be complete so that it will convey needful information to the recipient which reduces the follow-up and repetitive conversation.
2. A communication should be brief. It makes audience/recipient better understanding of the message because the recipient can focus on only the core points.
3. A communicator should always think about the recipient’s needs.
4. Concreteness in communication makes it effective, as the recipient gets a more comprehensive overview of the message and its implications.
5. Courtesy is the most in communication which will ensure respect to the recipient. It fosters a more positive and constructive approach.
6. Communication has to be clear and specific to make it effective. Clear communication diminishes confusion to the receptor.
7. Using correctly spelled and simple vocabulary and correct syntax brings clarity to the message. In fact, grammar and syntax mistakes make the recipient harder understand its contents.
Communication skills are not only required in daily personal life but also necessary for the any profession, workplace and in business. Depending on the nature of our profession communicating skill is important. Effective communication skills can unite employees together. Manager with effective communication skills can build the team and enhance employees’ faithfulness.
Communication competency is important in the employees from diverse social, religious and cultural background. With a mix of genders, races, nationalities, religion and demographics on the job, it’s easy for people to accidentally offend each other. For an instance, if two employees have some conflict at the same movement if a manager warned without judging out what is the real issues, definitely creates the great problem. A manager doesn’t react to queries or avoids discoursing employee issues can be a part of miscommunication. Effective communication ability could be resolving such problems.
Effective communication is vital to an organization which can help it in different ways. In fact, good communication plays an important role in product growth, customer relationships, and employee management; virtually every aspect of a business.
Effective communication formulates strong bond between employees. Trustworthiness and loyalty are main factors in a relationship and they are enhanced by communication competency. Communication competency is essential to building relationships between managers, employees and other stockholders of an organization. A manager with communication competencies will set a strong teamwork in employee and able to generate unified ability of employees which results to achieve company goals. Good communication reduces misunderstanding, haziness and negative feelings of employees.
In business, good communication is important for the daily procedure of organization which affects sales and profitability. Due to lack of communication competency, a business can face several challenges that can ultimately lead to its downfall.
On the one hand, effective communication helps us to communicate well with colleagues and superior which creates the good image in the organization. This would definitely lead an individual to enhance the career. Strong communication skills are essential to make career development. The employees who are incapable to communicate themselves better may lose the chances of career development. The effectual communication is important in employment and it directs us to desire achievement.
In present, Recruitment in most of the organization is done on basis of communication skills, including written and oral presentations. Sound communication skills are must to be selected in the managerial position of an organization. It is believed that a manager with communication competency able to listen, read or convey the message well. In other hands, good communication skills are essential for managers to speak appropriately, write clearly and concisely and maintain the working culture in an organization. A manager can address on daily issues raised in the workplace effectively.