As the table show us

As the table show us, most the teachers have said that they improvise the lesson during teaching and learning, even they have low level in improvisation skills. Whereas other teacher uses field study in order to show the real life application of science. In addition, the teacher require training about how they improvise the lesson in terms of increasing improvisation skill in order to overcome the insufficiency of TLM at GS KABARONDO B. TLM help in the elaboration and performance of experiments and to show the relevance of learning sciences. At complete of study, students get familiar and knowledgeable of naturally occurring scientific processes. This also proved by oyediran, I (2010) that need for definite well planned training program of improvisation for teacher. Most of teachers have showed that teaching and learning material help teachers in delivery the courses. Other respondents have said that teaching and learning materials help learner to be active in the lesson, with this, the performance of students are improved.
The teacher at GS KABARONDO B suggested that to increase the performance of learners in this school, firstly telling the role of experiments in sciences and do many practice in science subjects, increase the teaching and learning by using improvised materials. In addition to that, familiarize learners to use techniques needed to facilitate them in learning science subjects about teaching and learning material used in teaching and learning process depend on the topic and