As social media continues to grow and becoming part of daily activités for customer

As social media continues to grow and becoming part of daily activités for customer, Business entities have integrated their marketing activities into social media marketing. This relatively new form of communication démontrâtes new challenges and opportunities for brands.

It is a must for retail using the latest technology for engaging with customer. This includes social media that could be accessed 24 hours in mobile devices. Consequently, as part of future marketing effort and one-to-one relationship building, social media is not only selling products but also develop brand loyalty. The context of the research is Marchandisage Pakistan.

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Thus, as the important country in the South Asia, Pakistan has an active social media users about 44milion (20%) out of total population 222 milion . Interestingly, Pakistan is ranked 7th along with Saudi Arabia and Thailand in the world in terms of daily time spent on social media. This means Pakistan more hours on social media than people in developed countries such as USA (1.7h), United Kingdom (1.5h), Australia (1.2h) and Japan (0.3h). Additionally, with the average daily use of social media Pakistanis 2 h and 51min,
Only 27% have purchased a product or services online in the past 30 days. Given these statistics and information, Pakistan provides a valid platform on social media marketing study.

However, despite popular use of social media in marketing the lack of understanding on the impact of social media Marketing in various product and services is need to be explored. Hence, more comprehensive study on multi-various social media sites is needed. Therefore, this study is to respond from those previous researches.