As one of the full time students at the college

As one of the full time students at the college, it is worth to mention that being able to undertake my course as I work on one of the insurance firms in the country was not an easy task until knew that were it not of the human resource department at Insurance Firm. I was not able to keep with the schedule that was there. Hong Kong AIA Insurance Firm has various departments and many of the employee working were both part-time and permanent employed ones. Insurance Firm was able to manage the high number of employee since it also had reliable mechanisms to be able to comprehend the best way to handle its functions or operations. The HRM department of Insurance Firm was the one that was mandated to handle all the functions and operations of the firm. This means that Insurance Firm depended on the HRM (Human Resources Management) to undertake the running of the functions such as the selection and placement processes, the performance management processes, the Career Development and finally the succession planning function or process. This paper will therefore discuss the HRM process of the Hong Kong AIA Insurance Firm.