April 26

April 26, 2018
Emonur Rashid
01 Rossiter Ave
Paterson, NJ, 07502
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The Honorable Kevin Allen Hassett
The Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers
Eisenhower Executive Office Building Washington, DC

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Dear Economic Adviser,
I am an immigrant who came to this country with a lot of dream. Also, I am sure a lot of people come to this country legally or illegally to have a better living. Those people work harder by doing any kind of job to live the American dream. They are continuously contributing to make our economy stronger. Therefore, deporting them from this country may hurt our economy badly. As the Economic Adviser of this country I hope you are aware of the fact that deporting the undocumented people may create a bad impact on our economy for a long period of time. Therefore, I hope you will strongly disagree with the Trump legislation for illegal immigrants.
Research has shown that illegal immigrants are contributing a lot to make the economy stronger. For instance, the government collects an estimated $11.64 billion a year because they spend their most of earnings in local areas. Also, they are helping the economy by filling up low wage jobs in various sectors which support many local small businesses and farms to keep growing.
Many current senators and house of representatives at the congress believe that undocumented immigrants are burden to our growing economy. They think deporting them will help the economy to grow at a constant rate. However, according to researchers at the Cato Institute estimated that a mass deportations policy would reduce economic growth by around $250 billion per year. Deporting them will hurt our economy desperately and the economy may never get back to its current place. Therefore, a new immigration law which will give them the right to work legally will help the government collect more tax which will definitely make the economy stronger.
As an economic adviser I hope you will not support the Trump legislation towards deporting the illegal immigrants concerning the economic conditions. Therefore, I urge you support a new reformed immigration law which will not only make the economy stronger but also give the rights to people to stay in this country.
Emonur Rashid
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