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All over the news, politians, citizens and news journalists believe the U.S. immigration system is broken. If this current system of cutting off immigrats via wall is broken, new solutions should be considered. Manufactured goods are exchanged across borders due to the North American Free Trade Agreement. However, repercussions of this made millions of Mexicans unemployed and they weren’t able to cross the border to search for a new job here.
The United States can learn from Europe and how well its countries harmonize. Europe opened many of its borders which resulted in an improved economy and living situations. When the European Union was first developed, this authorized immigrants free movement of Europe. As a result of this, countries nototious for their large release of immigrants, such as Spain, Portugal and Ireland, improved to such an extent that they became immigrant-receiving countries.
The United States expense on border control is larger than all the other federal law enforcement agencies combined. The U.S. has proudly taken the nickname of “The Melting Pot” for our great diversity, however the U.S. is not living up to this name. Americans are proud of their country’s history of generousity rescueing Irish families fleeing from famine, and the Jews forced to vacate during World War II. Yet, the United States still denies access to immigrants from Mexico and Central America.