All creativity involves the process of analysis

All creativity involves the process of analysis, particularly for business applications. It is
important to deliver innovative and effective solutions by utilizing design thinking and
business strategy in combination. While studying communication design I became
familiar with analyzing problems to come up with creative solutions once working in the
field learning to communicate and compromise not only with the clients but also
alongside colleagues and supervisors which is invaluable.
A challenging situation I encounter constantly is learning new information I formerly held
little knowledge of. Finding new methods to apply to newly sourced information to create
visually appealing designs is often difficult, but that is where challenge meets growth. In
Taiwan, I worked as a graphic designer for a Blockchain Technology company.
Brainstorming and sorting information for the company’s design tasks was my job. I’ve
enjoyed growth by joining statistical and financial data in regards to my designs which
was a new hill to climb. It is comfortable and easy to simply execute the design to my
fitting, but working with objective demands of the company culture has brought new
collaborative ideas and style to my working process. My biggest personal
accomplishment is taking initiative, collaborating and communicating with young
professionals while working in a sophisticated environment.
I take great pride in my work, and I regard myself as a strong communicator and listener.
In my previous job as a graphic designer, my performances helped the company to build
the robust corporate identity in a short period. My strengths include being a selfmotivated
and efficient hard worker with enthusiasm and motivation. These skills,
combined with my educational background, work ethic and commitment to design and
business make me an ideal candidate for this graduate program and I strongly believe
Strategic Design & Management will help me to advance my career level.
(Creating a new course for the program)
– Design study of user experience and interface
It is essential for businesses to create the online platform as most consumers complete
their desired tasks online. Hence, clear user experience and decisive interface are
prominent to achieve the higher business success. The course will begin with an
introduction to the concept of the user experience and interface design. Throughout the
course, students will be responsible for analyzing the data and user behaviors to achieve
better product experience while taking a comprehensive look at business strategy. The
objective of the course is helping students to understand the basics of consumer
behaviors and psychologies; utilize analyzed data to explore creative approaches that
will boost customer engagements and satisfaction.
Searching for the inspiration and fresh ideas from everyday life and use them to
enhance my work quality makes me happy. Whether it’s a trip to a museum, or just
taking my dog to the park, I like to find inspiration in shapes, colors, typeface, and
imagery to inspire me everywhere I go. Also, communicating and interacting with young
professionals motivates me to come up with new ideas and search for undiscovered
design problems. I am happy to create and there’s no stop to embrace my creativity.