Alex survives the beating and goes back to “HOME”

Alex survives the beating and goes back to “HOME”. He is so exhausted that he does not even recognize the sign and rings the doorbell: Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, same notes, still menacing. The writer (Mr. Alexander) whom Alex beat up is now crippled and is confined to a wheelchair, his wife is dead. Alex takes a shower and gets a good rest. Afterwards, he sits down to eat some spaghetti, Mr. Alexander comes in and drugs Alex. The people who are supposed to help him, ring the doorbell (Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, same notes, still menacing) and come in. Mr. Alexander works with a party which is protesting against this Ludovico Treatment and criticizing the current government for this inhumane technique. Their plan is to make him commit suicide so that the party can use Alex’s suicide as an excuse for replacing the current government in the upcoming elections. They lock Alex up in an upstairs room, and blast off the synthesized version of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony from downstairs (diegetic). Now that Alex is ripped away from his very humanity (Beethoven), Beethoven becomes a weapon to be used against Alex (the cat lady’s using Beethoven’s bust as a weapon could easily be interpreted as a foreshadowing). The fact that they are playing a synthesized version represents the corrupt nature of the party – they are protesting against inhumane actions while sacrificing Alex to achieve their goal of ruling the country. Alex cannot stand it and decides to end his life (panopticon), so he jumps off the window and as he hits the ground the scene and the music end altogether.