Air New Zealand is one of New Zealand’s largest airlines

Air New Zealand is one of New Zealand’s largest airlines. The acquisition of Ansett Holdings has made Air New Zealand 20 largest air lines in the world. Air New Zealand’s marketing organizations are United Airlines, Lufthansa, and British Midland from around the globe (Air New Zealand Limited, 2006). Air New Zealand is transporting passengers and cargo on coordinated network of scheduled airline services to, from and within New Zealand to more than 15 million passengers a year. They are also engaged in aviation, aircraft leasing and financing, investment, and engineering services through its subsidaries. Air New Zealand carries international and domestic passengers and cargo transportation. Its operational fleet includes, Boeing 777-200ER, Boeing 777-300ER Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, Boeing 767-300ER, Airbus A320-200, ATR 72-500/72-600, Bombardier Q300 and Beech 1900D.
It offers services like immigration services, check in, baggage services, flight services inside the plane, special assistant services for disable and pregnant women, and also for children. Air New Zealand operates in short distance in New Zealand, Australia and Pacific Islands, and its long distance operation in Asia, Europe and North America. The strategy of Air New Zealand is based on their vision and guiding principles. The Vision Statement of Air New Zealand is ” to strive to be number one in every market they serve by creating a workplace where teams are committed to their customers in a distinctively New Zealand way, resulting in superior industry returns”(Air New Zealand Company Profile, 2018). The guiding principles are about customer satisfaction airline, competitive advantage of innovation and creativity, working as a committed team together for their air line and New Zealand, offers great and fun workplace and also focused on its people, culture and business (Air New Zealand Company profile, 2018).

2. A simple definition of strategy of Air New Zealand
”Johnson et al., (2014), provide a simple definition of strategy. Strategy is the long-term direction of an organisation” (Open polytechnic NZ, Strategic management course material, 2018).
According to the Air New Zealand company profile, (2018), the long- term strategic direction is that:
• Air New Zealand wants to be the customers’ choice airlines when travelling to, from and within New Zealand.
• Air New Zealand wants to build competitive advantage in all of their businesses through the creativity and innovation of their people.
• Air New Zealand wants to champion and promote New Zealand, its people, culture and business at home and overseas.
• Air New Zealand wants to be a great team by working together, committed to the growth and vitality of their company and New Zealand.
• Air New Zealand wants to make their workplace full of fun, energising and where everyone can make a difference.