According to Schaufeli

According to Schaufeli, Salanova, Gonzalez?Roma, & Bakker(2002) Engagement is connote as “a positive, fulfilling, work?related state of mind that is featured by vigor, dedication and absorption
Employee engagement is situation whereby employee are devoted to work and giving their best in producing a successful result, dedicated to their organization’s goals and values, achieving the organisation goal.
Employee Engagement Strategies

Employees who does in their work effectively are often passionate about the work they carry out, they are always fulfilled when they realize effort contribute to the growth of the company.
This recognition strategy is use to promote and appreciate the effort of employee during difficult task through rewards, promotion etc so the employees can improve and be willing to contribute to the success of the company

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Professor and management consultant Herzberg (1998), state that motivation comes from nonmonetary recognition, which include promotion, advancement or giving more difficulty duties to competent employees. This Employees will be motivated to do more if they are recognized and giving are chance for leadership position.

Relationship Building
According to a book writer Mayhew (n.d.). Due to absence of trust and confidence in leadership workplace relationship are often difficult. Restoration of employee trust and confidence in the organization’s leadership team is a great strategy for enhancing employee engagement. Company manager should not be officially far from the employee, they should be flexible in order to create a link with all of the company’s employees, so it can have significant effects on employee engagement. Building an employer-employee relationship on trust and confidence has to do with promoting an interest in the daily task employees face.
Employee Engagement survey
Though Surveys alone do not bring about change. Employee do,So this is to produce practical, actionable insights and a framework for promoting shared accountability and action that enhance engagement.

Managing Professional Growth
This is a way of using feedback, analysis, planning, and dialogue tools to elevate employee thrive for success, strong employee-manager relationships, and boost organisation performance.

Taking Control of Your Engagement

Every employee has a special and compelling reason go to the work every day. This strengthen those reasons to maximize engagement levels, maximize performance, and influence employees to achieve the organization goals.

Employee Engagement benefit to the organization
According to research if employees are engaged with the organization their job satisfaction levels will maximize. This makes the employee contribute effectively to success of the organization

Retaining good employees is major key to the prosperity of every organization. Employees who contribute importantly to the activity of the organization lower the risk of cost for the organization.
Innovation and employee engagement are closely related, however engaged employees work at a higher level and are passionate with their job, which often connote innovation in the workplace.
Employees are more effective when they are engaged and positively influencing the organization’s return.Watson (2008/09) started that organization that have highly engaged employees generate 26% higher income per employee. The equation makes an ideal sense

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