ABSTRACT: Solid waste management is become one of major issue in India. In spite of running so many programs and preventive measures taken by Indian Government and private social welfare organization , our government had already commenced activity like Swachh Bharat mission (website Swachhbharat.mygov.in), 3R Regional Forum ,Waste Management Startups (MSW rule 2000, A2Z Group, Greenobin etc). Apart from this numbers of websites available today for collection of solid waste items but still problems remains almost the same. The aim of our research paper is to provide direct interaction between user and specific company to recycle the waste items through an application which encourage collection of used/waste commodities and selling of recycled products , auction facility is also provided. By using e-wallet facility user can sell the waste items and buy recycled products. Cash on delivery of products is also available. Companies can also register into our application and upload the recycled products for online selling.

KEYWORDS: Used material Collection, Recycled Products, item Auction, human welfare, Charity.

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Introduction: India is rapidly switching from agricultural-based nation to industrialization and services-oriented country. About 31.2% population is now living in city areas with urban life style . The rapid urbanization and change life style has extends the waste load and thereby pollution loads on the environment to unmanageable and alarming proportions. The existing waste dumping sites are out of control of its capacity and under unsanitary conditions leading to pollution of land ,water as well as air also, this leads to spread off many communicable diseases, bad smell and odors, release of toxic metabolites, unaesthetic ambiance and eye sore etc. And on other hand providing new dumping yards next to impossible. Constraints like availability land, increased population, environmental fragility and expectation for management of solid wastes relies on an overly centralized approach. This Municipal solid waste management (MSWM), a critical element in India towards continues metropolitan development, comprises segregation, storage, collection, relocation, carry-age, processing, and disposal of solid waste to minimize its adverse impact on environment. Hierarchy Municipal solid waste management (MSWM) can be presented as below .

In current scenario, there is a large amount of waste that is harmful to environment. There is less way to remove wastage completely but we can reduce it by recycling it. Now a days, people transport waste items to nearest shop and get amount in exchange (but differ from actual cost). Shopkeeper purchase in low rate and sent reusable items to recycling factory and its gives recycled products. These recycled products are either donated for charity (Social welfare organization) or sold out in market in reliable price. But that is done manually and which include lots of time constraints. Transportation cost is quite high then normally paid by user only. Some websites are already available only for collecting waste items and earning their self-profit out of it like bhangarwala.com, pastiwala.com etc.

The waste management hierarchies–reduce, reuse, and recycle–actually expresses the order of importance of `these ideas:
* Reduce needless consumption and the generation of waste.
*Reuse any item that can be reused or give it to a person or charity that can reuse it.
*Recycle whatever discards remain if you can and only dispose what you must.
By over serving many websites, applications, magazines we concluded that www.bhangarwala.com, www.pastiwala.com, www.kabadiwala.com have mechanism to collect the wastage through WhatsApp call, filling registration form, E-mail or text message etc. www.pastiwala.com utilizes technology, in form of electronic weighting scale, GPS and driver tracking devices, customer relationship management system, Google Maps and handheld devices for waste paper collection 1.
www.bhangarwala.com collect scrap which is then stored. Recycled items are sent to recycling plants and reusable items are donated for charity. But in all these mechanism, maximum scrap is wasted 2. Fig 3:- shows normal website scenario for collection of waste process.

Objective of this project is to build system “DIGITAL RECYCLE SYSTEM” which will useful for users to remove waste items like households, plastics, paper, metal, steel, glass from houses and small company or industries. The price comparison between different companies for waste products is beneficial for users. Some products are not actually waste so users can auction or best out of waste activity for that products. Company can upload recycled products for online selling. User can buy recycled products online.

Fig 3: Proposed System Scenario

Interviewers Corner in which the mainly three people:-

In the current scenario, websites available for only collection of wastes from homes, companies and small industries. Recycling company recycled the waste items and donated to the charity. So there is no direct communication between users and companies. We overcome these problems and add new features like collection of waste items, auction, and best out of waste, upload recycled products, buy recycled product, create profiles and notification.
The user performs the main role in the system. Two types of users are available one is user and another is company. Users and company both have different activities. User can request for collect waste item, buy recycled products, put products for auction and best out of waste. Company can bid for auction, upload recycled products, pay only laboring charge for best out of waste and send notifications. Admin decides the criteria for area, product categories and authentication to user and company.

Fig 4: Feature of Digital Recycle System

Future Scope
1. Payment through credit/debit card.
2. Application may use GPS and driver taking mechanism.
3. Discounts for recycled product.
4. Reusable products donated in charity.

In 21st century, there is a large amount of waste that is harmful to environment. There is no such way to remove wastage but we can reduce it by recycling it. By over serving many websites, applications and magazines we concluded that maximum wastage can reduce by making application “Digital Recycle System”. In application there are many features use by two types of user one is Recycling Company and another is User. The features are collection of Waste, Auction, Selling of recycle product by company, best out of waste items by only pay laboring charge.